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un kir, s'il vous plait

--les adventures en franglais--

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there is no "mo" in maureen
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My favorite animal is puppies. I want an anthro-iPod. I am snarky, efficient, and detail-oriented. You'll never clean my dirty mind. I'm convinced that Roddy Woomble had eye-sex with me once, and I'm dead certain that it was glorious. I write for food, not money, but if you have some I'll gladly take it--just don't make me do news. Tim Gunn needs to kidnap me. I can name all fifty states in just over 2:30. My mother forced me into the CAR and then the DAR; I grew up to be an Anglophile. My homemade Bailey's frappuccino blended coffees bring all the boys to the yard, and they're like, "It's better than yours!" Damn right, it's better than yours. I could teach you, but I'd have to charge. Shakespeare's got to pay the bills, son!

There are three four things you might want to know: (1) Two years later and dozens of explanations of my "Avenue Q" paranoia given, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with a B.A. in Communications. (2) I promised myself that I would be a child in spirit for as long as possible. I also promised myself that I'd live for as long as possible--if I don't make it beyond 100, then I'd at least party it up at the U.S. Tricentennial. I intend to keep both promises. So far, so good. (3) I write better than I talk. I write in this journal the way talk, except that this is slightly more coherent and without all the "likes" and "ums." (See below.) (4) One time I went to Scotland just to see Doune Castle and the venues that my two favorite bands played at.


alliteration, anglophilia, anne of green gables, aqualung, arctic monkeys, athlete, ben folds, ben lee, benny goodman, books, brand new, brit rock, britain, bruce springsteen, camelot, christopher moore, chronicles of narnia, clerks, colin firth as darcy, college radio, concerts, connecticut, damien rice, david bowie, dead like me, denying north dakota's existence, dido, driving at 5:00a.m., editing video type things, fantasy novels, film, flight of the conchords, flying spaghetti monster, gilmore girls, guillemots, guinness, guitars, guster, guy berryman, hunterrrrrrrrrs, iced pumpkin chai, idlewild, incubus, ireland, jack's mannequin, james mcavoy, jane austen, jazz, jet, keane, led zeppelin, london, matt pond pa, monty python, music, mythology, new jersey, new york city, nick drake, north & south, oasis, persuasion, pete yorn, peter gabriel, philadelphia, photography, photoshop, pinback, pink floyd, pride and prejudice, procrastinating, project runway, questionable content, r.e.m., radiohead, reading, red dwarf, richard armitage, rob crow's assorted bands, rock, rufus wainwright, scotland, shakespeare, simon pegg, singin' in the rain, sir thomas malory, snark, sofia coppola, something corporate, spaced, spike jones, star wars, straylight run, swimming, swiping set lists, ted leo + pharmacists, that thing you do!, the "hey bill!" game, the beatles, the bens, the clash, the dark prince, the doves, the eels, the kings of convenience, the office, the police, the princess bride, the shins, the soup, the stills, the uk, thesaurus rex, this is spinal tap, travis, trogdor, turner classic movies, tv, waking up at 11:00a.m., wanderlust, writing

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