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this is just to say


From here until Saturday, this week equals death.

Dear Mort, Tony, et al.,

OK. I give up.

Why is there a huge fucking rock next to the BLC?

Also, is it wrong to want to go "baa" when I pass a herd of ZTA girls?

Thanks loads,

6th Feb, 2006

<td align="center"> Maureen --

A dance involving little to no clothing

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

margaret channing's love prunes

My awesome, indier-than-thou twin and I are not the only ones who despise Dan Brown and the toilet paper in hard-back menace that is The Da Vinci Code.

First, there is this very succinct and eloquent article which breaks down Mr. Brown's "style."

Here's a blog that raises some points on history. And another that plays with anagrams. I know, both reference the above Pullum criticism, but that is a damn fine criticism.

I just dig Salman Rushdie's snark in this article. It doesn't have anything to do with proving Brown is a terrible writer beyond making me giggle.

Another blog, though this one mostly concerns Digital Fortress. It justifies why I shouldn't read Brown's other crap. Just mind the occasional misplaced comma in this one.

Finally, in my obsession with detail concerning anything Anglo, I leave you with this bit of Googled gold from benlast. His reaction to Clancey would have been my reaction to the part were Langdon was in London, except I had a broken foot at the time and really didn't want to throw the book for fear of breaking the TV.

Seriously... Teabing? Indicating that since he's British, all he consumes is tea, because that's all that Brits consume and nothing else... I end the rant I'm about to embark on here because it's a nitpicky one stemming from an Anglophilic former Barista who knows that Brits drink as much, if not more, coffee than Americans. Brown is a lazy author for not knowing this--not because everyone who dares mention London in work should know everything about it, but because a good fiction writer does as much research as actual writing. (Or maybe I exaggerate because I like researching under the guise writing; it's still strongly recommended by successful and good authors, because it makes a work much more stronger. Credibility, anyone?)

My point is that when culture becomes mediocre when it is passively accepted like The Da Vinci Code is. Go forth and look at something closer, or just listen to some dissenting opinions.
I handed in my poetry portfolio four minutes before it was due.

This calls for a celebratory, but brief, Circle of Internet before I attack Lit History.


I updated my info, seeing as I am abandoning the causeSiren.

...Just in case you were in the mood for a good read.
Dear Person in the Hall Who Tried to Yell At Me For Shoving Fliers Back Under My Door:

You probably think that they make the hall look cluttered. In fact, you probably think it's down right rude for me to casually do this.

This is how I feel when I walk into my room and I trip over a pile of papers that did not originate from my roommate or myself. Indeed, we pay enough to live here that the sole discretion of who gets to clutter our room lies with us.

I will stop shoving fliers back into the hall only when they are no longer shoved under my door.

No love,

29th Nov, 2005

Sarah, Rebecca, and Lynnie are among the most awesome people ever, because they have helped me with my homework.

My homework being an magazine feature-type essay.

On el jay.

Glorious el jay.
The following things do not belong together: Pride and Prejudice, Kiera Knightly, and "Collide." The asshole who thought to cast Ms. Knightly as Elizabeth Bennet needs his or her insides slowly sporked out. The other asshole who thought to use Collide in the movie preview should be thrown out of a plane over the Amazon river.

Seriously, the first is bad enough, but the second just makes me want to gouge my eyes out now so I never have to read again, because I am afraid this will be the fate of all my favourite books.

Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle are the only Darcy and Lizzie for me, and they always will be. The end.

...And back to writing I go. And by that, I mean starting, because I definitely have nothing.

gotta find my way to your heart

Here's a familiar story: I have a nice little break in my day to do homework. My 2:50 class is canceled, but I'm going out and I have an essay due tomorrow and I really don't have any other time to finish it. And so I turn to el jay.

I'm not worried yet, though. I have half of it written already. It just needs to be typed up and ended. I'm a decent typer, and the essay is--SURPRISE!--a travel essay on England, so it's all good.

That leaves me plenty of time to ramble. Hooray!

My twin and I are going to kidnap see Ben Lee tonight in the City (Bowery Ballroom). You know you're jealous. Ben Lee rocks my mis-matched socks off.

I would like to inquire about the increasing number of low flying planes and helicopters over campus suddenly. Like, is the rampant stupidity of students something that needs to be monitored by the government? (Well, it does, but I'm sure there are less random methods than spy planes.)

I could really go for an egg salad sandwich... On the other hand, my mum is cooking a big dinner on Saturday. If you're not doing anything and you're in the Jerz, then you should come.

School is going to eat me alive this month. I have to shoot and edit a commercial, and then write, shoot, and edit a ten minute final project. I have do some research-y project for Senior Sem.; I need 15 half-way decent poems for Poetry; and three polished essays for Nonfiction. Somewhere I have to find an internship and start planning for a independent study. At least I don't have to do anything more for Lit History (other than read and own the final).

Also, next week is Harry Potter, show in the Pub, and GUSTER!!!! If you're in the Hamilton area next Thursday, join us for adventure the midnight showing.

I wish things were as easy as my co-workers say they are.